Firstly, we find out about YOU. We want to know what roles you and your representation want to send you out for, what characters you see yourself playing and the career that you wish to create. With this information we can develop an aesthetic tailored entirely to you so your images are a clear and professional representation of you as an actor to book you the job!


Secondly, we work with professional makeup artists and hair stylists to create that camera ready look to book the role! We highly recommend booking a MUA/hairstylist with us for your photoshoot to give your shots the professional finished appearance that stands out to casting directors/industry pros. Makeup and hair for acting headshots is very specific, and our MUA/hairstylists are specialists with expertise in this field.


It’s time to start booking! We can recommend to you the best headshot printer in Hollywood. Copycat Hollywood is always up to date with the correct format casting directors look for, as well as the top of the line printing quality for acting headshots. We know your new headshots are going to serve you very well! Schedule your session, get seen, and start booking your dream jobs!